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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Gaining access to maternity care can be challenging in some rural communities due to lengthy travel distances or lack of immediate coverage. However, women are traveling farther to receive obstetric care and this poses an increased risk of obstetric emergencies. When obstetric emergencies arise, health professionals need to respond effectively with the knowledge, skills and confidence they acquire through the ALSO curriculum.

ALSO is an evidence-based course, blended-learning course that incorporates lectures and hands-on workstations to assist the clinician in managing emergencies in maternity care. ALSO focuses on the team-based approach for pregnancy and birth urgencies as well as emergent situations including a written examination and mega delivery testing situation.

Course Syllabus

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics will be presented utilizing a Blending Learning 1-Day Course. The blended learning course is a 1-day event in which all participants are required to purchase an online license and complete the online modules prior to the Live event. The course materials are also available for download within the online program.
Learners will successfully complete required online elements at their own pace prior to attending the one-day live portion of the course. The live portion of the course then provides multiple hands-on opportunities for learners to practice their skills and apply what they have learned. Demonstration of skills is accomplished by rotating learners through interactive case study workstations, in-situ skills workstations, and simulated hands-on group testing scenarios throughout the day.