Disaster Life Support Training

Core Disaster Life Support

The Core Disaster Life Support (CDLS) course is a 3.5 hour competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces clinical and public health concepts and principles for the management of disasters and public health emergencies.

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Basic Disaster Life Support

The Basic Disaster Life Support course is a 7.5-hour competency-based, awareness-level course that introduces concepts and principles to prepare health professionals for the management of injuries and illnesses caused by disasters and public health emergencies. 

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Advanced Disaster Life Support

The Advanced Disaster Life Support (ADLS) course is an intense 15-hour course that allows participants to demonstrate competencies in mass casualty management. 

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Instructor Courses

Disaster Life Support Instructor Courses are designed for those students who desire to become BDLS and/or ADLS instructors. The course provides a framework for coordinating and conducting the training of BDLS and ADLS. Applicants must have successfully completed the BDLS and/or ADLS courses prior to becoming an instructor in either of the courses.

Upcoming ADLS Instructor Courses - Spartanburg, SC


CDLS Registration $100.00
BDLS Registration $250.00
ADLS Registration $400.00
Instructor Course Registration $150.00
BDLS Instructor Manual $75.00
ADLS Instructor Manual $75.00

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